1) Payment is commitment. No refunds.

2) €25.00 for sketches. Full payment after you’ve approved the sketches.

3) You get frequent updates on progress that you can influence.

4) You get a reasonable number of free revisions.

5) Detailed coloring, backgrounds, and other additions cost extra.

6) Private commissions cost extra.

7) 18-years.

8) No content limitations. I decide which work we take.

9) Flexible pricing. We work with your budget.

10) Payment via Paypal, Revolut, Paxum, or Bitcoin.

11) Delivery is guaranteed.


Freelancer Etiquette – Communication Standards

This is a living document, that we update via discussions between us, on what the good standards are on communicating about projects, vacations, delays, payments.

Most importantly, you should not be afraid of losing projects, because we have repeat clients. Honesty helps us keep the trust of clients, so they come back for more.
Never take on more work and responsibilities than you can realistically manage. Never oversell yourself. Be accurate, realistic and even pessimistic about your availability.

1) Telling about vacations
Tell about any vacations well in advance. If needed, we can arrange your projects to other freelancers, so we can complete them even in your absence, so our clients keep coming back for more. Once you return, you can be assigned into new projects.

2) Telling about delays
If you foresee a potential delay to a project you’ve been assigned to, tell about it in advance. Even if the delay doesn’t happen, it makes everything more predictable. Delays are communicated to all relevant clients, so their expectations are adjusted accordingly.

3) Telling about payments
All payments should be listed, every project itemized. Discord pinned messages are a great tool for keeping track of things. When negotiating a payment, what everybody says in those discussions is law. Always be focused when discussing money – your word is law.

4) How to get regular work
Take initiative. Be pushy but patient. Ask for more work, and you’ll likely get some very soon. Don’t wait to get assignments, ask directly for them. Complete projects in reasonable time.

5) Regular project updates
Freelance writers – New progress update every 7-10 days.
Freelance artists – New progress update every 3-4 days.
Everybody else – New progress update every 10 days.

6) The most important part about serving clients is managing their expectations. If you promise delivery in 7 days but take 8 days, that’s worse than promising delivery in 30 days and delivering in 30 days. Actual time matters less than managing their expectations. First, we produce a sketch, a small work sample. This should be done in 48h max. Once a client approves the sketch, we take full advance payment. As they’ve often paid large sums of money, we manage their anxiety with regular updates, at least once every 3-4 days.